Driving is a skill that you never stop learning, even after you’ve passed your tests and earned your licence. It is something that you are constantly adapting to and you will find yourself in new situations almost every time you drive. Though we do not know what will happen on the road, we can top up our skills sufficiently to help us to deal with and overcome certain problems or driving environments that we may find difficult. With a Pass Plus Course, you aren’t just further developing your skills, but could also save money on your insurance.

We are one of the most trusted driving schools in Glasgow and Paisley, offering Pass Plus for our students. This is basically a practical driving course that lasts for at least six hours. It includes various different modules, including night driving, driving on rural roads, driving in rain and snow and driving on motorways and duel carriageways. These different environments are a change from what newly qualified drivers would have experienced, and they allow drivers to gain confidence in these driving conditions before they have to face them in everyday driving.

Qualified drivers will be able to benefit heavily from our Pass Plus course. Our six hour course will ensure that you are given the resources and skills required to feel safe and comfortable on the road. We pride ourselves on making this course affordable and accessible for absolutely everyone. We understand that you may be feeling the pinch on your wallet following driving lessons, but insurance is even more expensive. With this course, you may get cheaper insurance and you will certainly gain the skills and confidence necessary to avoid costly prangs and crashes.

All of our services are tailored to our customers. We offer male and female instructors and we are also one of the only driving schools in Glasgow and Paisley to offer lessons in French. Whether you want picking up from home, work or education, we will be there for you exactly when you want us. We understand just how important flexibility is for all of our customers, and that is why we will fit ourselves around your schedule, ensuring that you hone your skills on times and days that suit you.

With friendly instructors who are fully qualified and experienced, you can be assured that once you’ve driven with our drivers, your skills will be honed and your confidence boosted so that you’re ready to take on the road.