Learning to drive is a big step, but a really rewarding one when you pass your test and receive your full license. Before you start taking lessons, it is worthwhile taking a look at the various options that are open to you, including whether you want to take individual lessons or would rather have an intensive course. There are positives to both options and you should take the time to weigh up both before committing.

With single lessons you have a great deal of freedom in arranging them to suit your schedule. They are best for people with busy lifestyles who can’t commit to the same time slot every week. Also, by stretching out your learning you’ll increase the chance that you’ll get to drive in different weathers, equipping you better for the future. There is also less commitment up front so you can take lessons and stop if you don’t like it without losing lots of money.

Intensive courses are designed to help you learn to drive quickly. With single lessons you’ll naturally learn slower because of the gaps between each one. When you take a course you will drive frequently over a short space of time so you build your skills fast. The upfront cost may be higher than paying for single lessons but you can actually save money by booking a number of sessions at once. You’ll need some free time to commit to the course but the potential for passing quicker is a big attraction.

When deciding on which driving lessons in Glasgow you want to take, it is best to keep your own needs in mind. Everybody learns differently and at different speeds so you should select the option that is best for you. You also need to remember how important it is to choose the right driving instructors. This is even more essential with a course because you’ll need someone with the skills to teach you fast.

If you’re thinking about learning to drive and are in search of a quality company offering driving lessons in Glasgow and Paisley, we would be proud to help you. You can choose individual lessons or opt for an intensive or semi-intensive course. The fees for your practical test are included in the price of the courses but you should make sure you pass your theory before you start or during the course.