There are two tests that you need to pass prior to getting your license: the theory test and the practical test. Driving lessons mostly involve teaching you about the practical portion, with the theory test being something that most learners have to revise and pass of their own accord. With the help of our friendly and experienced driving instructors in Glasgow, we can help you pass both of these tests so that you can finally take to the road as a qualified driver.

The theory test consists of two distinct parts. The first involves 50 multiple choice questions, whilst the second consists of fourteen video clips which display hazards. Although some drivers will come across the answers to the various questions and issues whilst driving, this will need to be supplemented by revision involving relevant guidebooks and CDs. The video clips involve learners having to press their mouse or the screen whenever they notice a developing hazard, with more points awarded for how quickly it is spotted. The passing margin for the multiple choice part is 43 and for the hazard perception test it is 44. Both sections of the test need to be completed successfully for a pass.

Passing these tests will ensure that you become a fully qualified driver and is a mandatory precursor to taking your practical test. Our driving instructors in Glasgow will provide you with all the help that you need for passing, and can help advise you on the best possible time to take the test, as well as advising you on the closest test centre and how you can book your test. When you and our instructors feel that you are ready for it, we will ensure that you are given the help necessary to tackle it. We will do all that we can to ensure that you pass your theory and practical tests and that you can start driving with confidence as soon as possible.